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I'm livestreaming the decay of late-stage capitalism!

I've got a new new project!

My Twitch channel. I'm hip with the kids.

I gave up on the NFTs because seriously, that shit got too expensive. Now I've decided to bring my keen investigative skills to dissecting the gig economy with a little adventure I'm calling "Dash of Salt."

I've signed up as a driver for DoorDash, and I'm livestreaming my Dashes on the daily.

I'll also be adding interviews with other Dashers and other special guests. I'll also be crossposting to my YouTube channel.

I'm pretty excited about this project, and have been having a lot of fun (for some definitions of the word "fun") rigging up my car as a mobile streaming studio.

Come watch me live on Twitch.

Or check out the daily updates on my YouTube channel.

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