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Adjusting to new time zone

It is currently 3:13 pm in Tokyo. I am staying up late to adjust to the imminent time zone change--watching YouTube videos while I finish packing.

In less than 36 hours, my daughter and I will be flying to Japan for a month-long stay. Assuming, that is, our flights don't get cancelled. Assuming the world continues to rotate on it's axis, and so on.

Went to Costco tonight to get dog food, walnuts, and power bars. It was packed for a Friday night. No hand sanitizer or face masks left in stock (I didn't expect there would be) but it was interesting to see what else people were filling their carts with against the fear of apocalypse. 55" TVs, cases of cheetos, tuna fish and toilet paper.

I bought the ebook of Haruki Murakami's "The Windup Bird Chronicles" to read on the plane. Not sure I will be able to focus on it.


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