OryCon 31
Oregon's Premier Science Fiction Convention
November 27-29, 2009
Writer Guest of Honor, Patricia Briggs Editor Guest of Honor, Lou Anders Artist Guest of Honor, Lubov Filk Guest of Honor, Jeff Hitchin Special Guest, Chris Lester
Portland DoubleTree Hotel 1000 NE Multnomah Street, Portland OR 97232

OryCon 31 membership rate: $60 at the door
OryCon 32 membership rate: $25 until 12/31/09 (available at the Ory32 website)
Hotel block closes November 13!! -->

The con is closed. Please remember to return all the hotel bat'leths to the front desk before leaving. You will be charged for missing bat'leths.

Our little Thanksgiving weekend con was expected to entertain about 800 of you. You stunned us (and the hotel) when about 1400 of you showed up, and over half of those registered in the last month. Thank you for coming! Now save yourself some money on OryCon 32 and buy your membership before 12/31/09. (And early registration also helps us to better plan another great con!)
Yes, there are still totes left. The remaining Orycon 31 tote bags that were on sale for $15 at the art show are now on sale for $10. To obtain one, send email to totes@orycon.org. Right now we're only set up for local sales (as in "meet me at XXX and bring ten dollars") but we'll post here or on the OryCon 32 website if that changes.

PDF copies of the Orycon 31 souvenir book and the Orycon 31 pocket program are available in PDF format.

Print out your own OryCon 31 flyer to help spread the word!

Print out two halfsize ones to save paper!

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OryCon 31 is a production of Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. (OSFCI), a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation.
Artwork is copyrighted and graciously provided by the Artist Guest of Honor, Lubov.

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