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Flytrap was the twice-yearly 'zine from Tropism Press, featuring fiction, poetry, automatic writing, reviews, essays, and assorted oddities. It's like a wunderkammer, in text form, between cardstock covers.

Alas, Flytrap is no more, but you can still order our old issues!

Flytrap #10 premiered in November 2008 -- and now you can order your very own copy!


Issue #10, November 2008
US & Canada: $6

International: $8


(Click the cover for a larger version of the image.)

Here's the line-up for issue #10:


"Chance of Snow" by Alex Wilson

"Eye Blow" by Patricia Russo

"The Nature of Love" by Tracina Jackson

"Frequent Flier Miles" by Greg van Eekhout

"Sing, Goddess, Sing Me to the Stars" by Ben Burgis

"Moth's Flame" by T.F. Davenport


Four poems by Dana Gioia:

"The Bargain"

"The End of the World"

"My Confessional Sestina"

"The Garden on the Campagna"


See Below, essay by Terry Bisson

Life Among the Obliterati #10: "What's Interesting?" by Nick Mamatas

And photographs by Scott Seagroves.

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