“The Warlock’s Curse” song by Sherwin Sleeves

So it’s kind of a dirty little secret of mine, but I’m a complete Fiverr addict. That, and I like to snort baby laxative off the bronzed thighs of male strippers, but I don’t think you want to hear about that. Anyway, Fiverr is wonderful because it’s so completely random and weird and full of insane people and everything is five bucks. Did you know that the handwritten title cards in my Kickstarter video were done by a Fiverr vendor? Yes really! And when we hit 50% I’ve got something from a Fiverr vendor that’s going to blow your mind. But anyway, I digress.(Update: WE HIT 50%! And the mindblowing thing is HERE!)

Counting this one, there are FOUR Fridays left in my Kickstarter campaign. And each Friday, I’m going to post something wonderful from a Fiverr vendor. For this inaugural edition of Fiverr Friday, the wonderful thing comes from Sherwin Sleeves. He’s a professional singer-songwriter, voice-over artist and storyteller. His songs and stories have played on NPR and Satellite Radio and he’s done voiceover work for TV and radio. His Fiverr item description really caught my eye:

I have a distinctive Tom Waits-like voice and a simple, old timey piano style. You can find my songs on iTunes and YouTube—just look up “Sherwin Sleeves.” I’ve been selling songs on eBay from $250 to about a thousand dollars. What you’re buying will be a short song with piano and voice—30 seconds to one minute in length, personalized as you like, and emailed to you.

Well hells-bells! For five bucks, how could I resist a pitch like that? Of course, I couldn’t. So I purchased a song, telling him all about my book and my Kickstarter. The result is below. I think it’s incredibly wonderful, beautiful and evocative. Thank you, Sherwin!

The Warlock’s Curse by Sherwin Sleeves

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  1. TN Fiverr says:

    I started offering to help people start their family trees in January.  I forgot about signing up on FIVERR until I got an order and the rest they say is history.  I have been doing this for about 3 months now and enjoy the feedback I get. http://fiverr.com/tn5rr2012/trace-your-family-tree-for-you-and-go-back-4-generations

    My gig is pretty unique on FIVERR and I hope more people will want me to hep them discover who their ancestors are.  Now that the 1940 census is out it is getting easier.

    I hope you check my gig out and want to review it on your Friday FIVERR review

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