“THE NATIVE STAR is engaging, atmospheric, and lovely. I was quite taken by the concept of an Old West built on a foundation of magic and zombie slave labor. Oh, and giant raccoons. Bring on the coons! And how spectacular is the name Dreadnought Stanton? This book utterly absorbed me from start to finish—these days you have no idea how rare that is. You have something special in your hands—no pun intended.”

Gail Carriger, New York Times bestselling author of SOULLESS, CHANGELESS, and BLAMELESS

“Clever and original, Hobson’s splendid debut is a colorful journey through Reconstruction-era America [that] will leave readers eagerly awaiting the sequel.”

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“I really loved this book! … I really liked the characters, the magic system was quite interesting and the romance didn’t make me roll my eyes, it was actually sweet. HIGHLY recommended!!”

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“… [Hobson] gives the reader is a vivid, wisecracking style full of curiously nineteenth-century theory behind the magic, only it works. Further, there are ties to world mythologies, making it far more interesting.”

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“… Hobson’s first novel is an obscenely well-written romp with a lovable heroine and enough thematic heft to satisfy those of us who want to find just a bit of cake underneath the layers of creamy, delicious frosting. Give it a look—you won’t be sorry.”

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“… You’ll read the first few pages, think you’re in for a cute paranormal romance, and then by the time you’re on Chapter Next-to-last, your eyes will be rolling back in your head. She’s aMAzing, and I curse her explicitly.”

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“I could go on for ages with more specifics about what I liked in this novel, but I really think you’d like it better if you just went out and read it yourself. There’s a lot to enjoy. It’s certainly one of the most entertaining books I’ve read this year.”

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“… Highly recommended to those seeking a fast-paced read with unique fantastical elements and rich, tightly-woven magical, social, and historical detail. A real ride.”

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“… I can’t say enough good things about this book. For me it’s definitely one of the best debuts I have read this year, and I absolutely adore the characters and the setting.”

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“The novel is action-packed, filled with mystery, and hosts a intriguing cast of characters. Anyone who is interested in Victorian or Civil War era fantasies and steampunk will find something to enjoy.”

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“… A fantasy adventure of the first order.”

Read the full review by Emilie P. Bush at Steampunk Chronicle

“… This is an entertaining alternate historical fantasy as M.K. Hobson does a great job setting up a United States in which the government uses magic to enhance national patriotism and magic can be bought through the mail. The story line is fun as Emily struggles to undo her error while Dreadnought smirks at her until both are running, riding, and railing for their lives. Sub-genre fans will appreciate THE NATIVE STAR as alternate Reconstruction Era America comes vividly alive.”

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“… Hobson’s 1870s America is well-researched and nicely designed. In some ways, it reminded me of a Gilded Age Dime Novel as well as one of my favorite television programs when I was a kid—Wild Wild West.”

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