TLATG_cover_2015-crop-webThe ebook version of The Ladies and the Gentlemen is now available for purchase!

Here’s the final jacket copy:

He’s a man without a name. She’s a sort-of-goddess. And they’re about to find out that even not-honeymoons can be dangerous.

Newly wed (but not exactly married), Emily Edwards is eager to begin her new life with the man-formerly-known-as-Dreadnought Stanton. They’ve left the perils of New York City far behind and are returning to California on a magical railcar that sees to their every need. But an unexpected stop in New Orleans—home to a mysterious coven of powerful witches known as “The Ladies”—threatens to derail their future happiness.

The Ladies are concerned about Emily’s continuing connection to the Spirit of the Earth, and they’ll stop at nothing to mitigate the damage they believe she’ll cause. If Emily and her not-husband hope to salvage their happily-ever-after, they’ll have to outwit the ladies—and the gentlemen—of the South’s magical elite.

The Ladies and the Gentlemen is a stand-alone novella in M.K. Hobson’s Veneficas Americana series. It is set after the events of the first duology (The Native Star and The Hidden Goddess).

I am also finalizing the print files and those should be available for sale within the next week or so. I’m honestly not sure if I’ve priced the ebook version of the novella correctly (this is my first time at this particular rodeo) so if you have thoughts, please share. I should probably drop the ebook version of the novella to, like, $1.99 or even $0.99 and then make the print version $2.99 … but until I upload the file to CS and see what kind of pricing they suggest, I’m not sure how it will math out.

Anyway, if you’re interested, please enjoy!

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  1. Adriene says:

    Is there a way to purchase the ebook NOT from Amazon? I purchased your other books on this website but can’t find those links anymore. The fact that I use a linux system computer and don’t use a kindle means I can’t buy books from Amazon. I usually buy directly from authors or from publishers websites.

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