TLATG_cover_2015-crop-webSo I’ve been making steady, gratifying progress on The Unsteady Earth (which is the second book in the duology that opened with The Warlock’s Curse.) In January, I finally solved a plot problem that had dogged me all summer. Since then, I’ve been going at a pretty good clip. Not good enough, alas, to meet my self-imposed deadline of March 2015. So I’m sorry to report that the book won’t come out until later this year. But I promise, I’m doing everything I can to get it out in 2015.

As a little apology, I took a brief respite from the novel to finish a 30,000 word novella I’ve had in the works for ages now. It’s called  The Ladies and the Gentlemen and it features the main characters from my first two books (Dreadnought Stanton & Emily Edwards.) It is set just after the events in The Hidden Goddess. (Actually, it’s set between the last scene of The Hidden Goddess and the epilogue of The Hidden Goddess, but that’s kind of hard to explain.)

I wrote the bulk of this novella in 2012, just after I finished writing The Warlock’s Curse. It was intended to be one of the free stories I gave to my Kickstarter backers (and it still will be, by the way; if you backed my 2012 Kickstarter, you’ll get the ebook free. I’ll be sending out an email with more details.)

The Ladies and the Gentlemen just went out to my first readers on Tuesday, and it’s going off to my series copyeditor (the wonderful Amy Garvey) in mid-March. I’ll be making it available both as an ebook and a trade paperback (through the usual sources) sometime in early April.

Once I get the MS back from my first readers, I may tease y’all with the first chapter. Watch this space. 🙂

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  1. Cayt says:

    Woot! I’m very excited about this. I can’t wait for more Dreadnaught and Emily. 🙂

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