A lovely Thanksgiving was had by the Hobson family, even by the dogs—who, as you will note from the title of this blog post, are weird. By the way, you’re not even seeing all of them in this picture, because Sugar Cookie (mom) is a lot like me and hates being in family pictures. She avoided this shot by hiding behind her dad’s recliner.

Anyway, the reason they’re weird is this. We had Thanksgiving dinner at my mom’s house yesterday, which was really delicious, and it was nice not to have to cook the whole meal. However, it did leave us a bit thin in the leftovers department—and since we are used to eating for three or four days off our Thanksgiving bird, I had to come up with an alternative. So I talked my mom out of the turkey carcass. I brought it home and plopped it into the stewpot, along with all the roasting vegetables and the bouquet garni, simmered it overnight and most of the day today, and ended up with a positively ambrosial broth, which I have combined with onions, garlic, parsnips, kale, white beans, carrots, celery and turkey sausage to make an enormous pot of soup that will last us all weekend and possibly longer.

(I promise you, I’m getting to the weird part.)

So while I’m making the soup, all the dogs are in the kitchen with me (of course) eyeing me with intense interest, as dogs will. I know they like carrots (they chew on them like chewy bones) so I gave each dog a carrot and sent him/her on his/her merry way. A few minutes later, having dispatched the carrots, they were back. But by that time I had moved on from the carrots and was deveining the kale, laying the discarded veins on the edge of the counter. The black dog (Charm) sniffed at one of these veins with great eagerness. So, because I’m nothing if not experimental, I let him have it to chew on. He loved it. All the other dogs expressed a similar adoration, devouring my kale leavings with crunchy alacrity.

So my dogs like to eat kale veins. I don’t know, I think that’s pretty weird.

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