So, after hitting 100% on my Kickstarter last night (and completing the uber-cute puppy thank you video that required quite a bit more editing than my slapdash vlogs usually do) I just collapsed. I wasn’t aware just how much tension I was holding about the Kickstarter’s outcome. I can only compare the relief of hitting my funding target to the pleasure of removing a tight-laced corset. I feel confident that at least  half of my readers have worn a corset at some point (given what I know about my readers) but if you haven’t, it is pure bliss. It is worth wearing a corset just for the sheer joy of taking it off. But anyway, I digress.

First of all, I wanted to say THANK YOU once again … not only to my wonderful backers who made this possible, but to everyone who chirped up with congratulations. I can’t possibly answer you all (though I usually do try) but please know that every little “woo-hoo!” that popped into my email box gave me a big smile.

Second, I wanted to let people know that I’ve added what the cool Kickstarter kids call a “stretch goal.” This is a pot-sweetener intended to make the last three days interesting.

So, you know how I was going to write a new short story, based on a backer vote? I was going to let backers choose from among 3 stories that I already have in various stages of drafting:

  • A Penelope Pendennis story called “The Wunderkammer of Don Gonzalo.” What you all don’t know about Penelope Pendennis (but what I’m sure will utterly fail to surprise you) is that she’s a spy for the Witches’ Friendly Society. The lecture tour she went on at the end of THE NATIVE STAR? Totally cover for her super-awesome spying activities. This is a stand-alone story about one of her adventures.
  • A Dreadnought & Emily story tentatively titled “The Ladies.” Set during their “wedding trip” home from NYC at the end of THE HIDDEN GODDESS, this story details an interesting side trip they take to receive the blessing of a mysterious and powerful group of witches in New Orleans.
  • A Catherine Kendall & Vladimir Lyahkhov story. As you might recall, Catherine Kendall is Emily’s mother. The daughter of a Boston preacher, she suffered from the same family curse that Will Edwards does in THE WARLOCK’S CURSE. This story will shed more light on her relationship with Emily’s father, Vladimir Lyahkhov, also known as “Volos.”

NOW, here’s the stretch: If we hit 110% funding, I will dispense with the backer vote entirely and write all three stories.

I will put them into a lovely DRM-free ebook compendium and make them available in all the usual formats (PDF, MOBI, EPUB.) And, of course, backers will get them first.

So, there it is. What do y’all think? Am I nuts?

(Wait, don’t answer that …)


2 Responses to Whew! Now what? Stretch goal!

  1. Rebecca Stefoff says:

    Wow. Yes, you are nuts–but nuts are so great. All three stories sound fantastic!

    • M.K. Hobson says:

      Thank you! The Penelope one is closest to being done and I can tell you, it’s pretty darn fun. Penelope is an awesome character to write … so awesome I had to write her out of Book 2 to keep her from solving everyone’s problems for them. 🙂

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