OK, seriously, the next video I’m going to post is of feeding time in the Puppy Dungeon. Because you all think that the puppies are cute soft sweet little puffballs, but that’s because you’ve never seen them at feeding time. Sugar comes into the puppy box, lays down with a weary sigh, and the puppies transform from a peacefully sleeping little fur pile into a ravenous mob. All they need are little pitchforks. The little blighters can’t even walk, but when it comes time to eat, suddenly they can RUN. They’re stepping all over each other, climbing over Sugar’s head, trying to tunnel beneath her. It’s kind of terrifying, actually, like watching piranhas feed on a cow who’s had the misfortune to wade into the wrong Amazonian tributary. No wonder Sugar is starting to spend more time out of the puppy box.

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