Well, here I am in Portland International Airport, waiting for my flight to San Francisco. In San Francisco, I will be reading at Writers With Drinks, along with Katie Crouch, Skip Horack, and many other fine individuals. I am very excited to be participating but I still don’t know what I’m going to read. I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

The good news is I have a whole day in SF to write. The bad news is, the hinge on my Macbook Air is busted so the screen won’t stay upright. I tried to rig up a kind of screen-sling by tying the ends of my pashmina scarf together and then looping it around the screen to keep it from falling backward, but not only does that look utterly ridiculous, it doesn’t work at all. So I’ll just have to find a coffee shop with a wall that I can prop my computer up against.

The busted computer is completely indicative of the state of my life at the moment. I am going through a period where nothing is going wrong, exactly … but everything that’s going right seems to take exponentially more effort than it usually does.

I would elaborate on this, but they’ve decided to board the flight so I guess I’d better get on. See y’all on the flipside.

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  1. Serge Broom says:

    Sorry to hear, MK…

  2. Rory Miller says:

    MK- This is Rory, Kami’s husband.  I’m in SF until Friday morning.  Teaching tomorrow but free the rest of the time.  If you’re still around… give me a buzz.

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