So now, my daughter has decided she wants a costume for the Orycon masquerade—specifically, this red dress from the manga “God Child.” While it represents a job of work, I recognize that my chances to play dolly-dress-up with my daughter are growing fewer & further between so I might as well take advantage of them while I can. And the whole GothLoli thing is just so utterly adorable, how can I possibly resist?

So, long story short, I see a hunt for cheap red velvet and cotton eyelet in my future. Thank god I bought a ruffler foot!

In other news, my own costuming project hasn’t started yet because I still haven’t gotten my dress shears & pinking shears back from my sharpening guy. I should give him a call. But I did find a very interesting series of YouTube videos demonstrating step-by-step how to sew the first item on my list, the bustle petticoat. It looks to be an extremely simple project, one which I shall tackle very soon. Man, I’m going to have to get cracking! The to-do list grows longer as the days grow shorter …

6 Responses to The costuming madness intensifies

  1. Martianmooncrab says:

    I have a pattern for a full length duster, should I slide that and material into your sewing stack too? grin.

  2. hazelwindows says:

    Oh how I envy those with sewing, cooking and other domestic skills… almost but not quite enough to try and learn how to do them myself.

    Your sewing projects look highly advanced.

  3. HayKay says:

    hey could u make me a corset for my halloween costume???

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