So now, my daughter has decided she wants a costume for the Orycon masquerade—specifically, this red dress from the manga “God Child.” While it represents a job of work, I recognize that my chances to play dolly-dress-up with my daughter are growing fewer & further between so I might as well take advantage of them while I can. And the whole GothLoli thing is just so utterly adorable, how can I possibly resist?

So, long story short, I see a hunt for cheap red velvet and cotton eyelet in my future. Thank god I bought a ruffler foot!

In other news, my own costuming project hasn’t started yet because I still haven’t gotten my dress shears & pinking shears back from my sharpening guy. I should give him a call. But I did find a very interesting series of YouTube videos demonstrating step-by-step how to sew the first item on my list, the bustle petticoat. It looks to be an extremely simple project, one which I shall tackle very soon. Man, I’m going to have to get cracking! The to-do list grows longer as the days grow shorter …

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  • Martianmooncrab

    I have a pattern for a full length duster, should I slide that and material into your sewing stack too? grin.

    • M.K. Hobson

      Aw heck, dusters aren’t that hard! I’m sure I could run it up for you
      in no time …

      *Aaigh! Help! Why are my own hands strangling me?*

  • hazelwindows

    Oh how I envy those with sewing, cooking and other domestic skills… almost but not quite enough to try and learn how to do them myself.

    Your sewing projects look highly advanced.

    • M.K. Hobson

      Well, to be honest I’ve given up most of the domestic niceties, and
      sewing I only do occasionally, when the mood strikes. But it is a
      rather pleasant gemütlich activity.

  • Serge


  • HayKay

    hey could u make me a corset for my halloween costume???