Oh my goodness, I can hardly believe this day is finally here. Launch day! Today my debut novel, THE NATIVE STAR, hits the shelves and the Internets nationwide. I am simply beside myself.

I couldn’t sleep last night, so I stayed up to watch my status in Amazon flip over from “coming soon” to “in stock.” Then this morning, I woke (late) to find a plethora of amazing treats, presents and surprises waiting for me: launch day congratulations on Twitter, an incredible review (5 out of 5 stars) on The Book Pushers and an even MORE incredible review on Tor.com by A.M. Dellamonica.

All this in addition to the many thoughtful reviews & plugs that have appeared from folks like Rachel Swirsky (at Alas, a Blog and on her LJ), Jessica Reisman, Kelly Robson, Stina Leicht, Ann Leckie, Sara Mueller, and the inimitable Mr. Serge Mallioux. Not to mention the review at Greenman Review (by Camille Alexa) that kicked it all off, and the kind comments from Gail Carriger, Madeleine Robins, and C.C. Finlay.

Feeling in need of coffee (but hardly needing any additional buzz), I dragged husband out to the Barnes and Noble at Clackamas Town Center where we confirmed that, yes, indeed, there are actual copies of the book on an actual shelf, right between RED HOOD’S REVENGE and BLOOD LAW!

And then we went to the Barnes and Noble Cafe where they served us exceedingly indifferent Americanos, and then we went to  J.C. Penny and bought 4 pairs of sandals that were 80% off. We may not celebrate like normal people, but we do celebrate.

Anyway, I just want to say thank you, everyone. From the bottom of my heart.

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  • JKCheney

    YAY! Happy Book Day!!!

  • Sherwood Smith

    Comments from me coming soon–half way through and absolutely loving it!

  • Ellen

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to read it.

  • http://krylyr.livejournal.com/ Dave Thompson

    Yay! So happy for you! Enjoy the day as a newly published novelist!!!

  • Jenn

    Hi I was so excited to wake up this morning and get Native Star on my Kindle ( I pre-ordered it!!). It’s next on my to read list (as soon as I finish Mockingjay). I live in Beaverton and will be coming to your reading at Powells in two weeks. Congratulations on the publication of what looks to be an amazing novel!

    Jenn B

  • RebeccaStefoff

    Enormous congratulations! Looking forward to your reading on the 16th.

  • http://www.demimonde.com M.K. Hobson

    Thank you, Jenn, I really hope you like it. Be sure to say “hi” at Powells!

  • http://www.facebook.com/maryrobinette Mary Robinette Kowal

    Congratulations! You’re a published novelist!

  • Cheryl

    Congrats! ~tosses confetti~

  • http://www.demimonde.com M.K. Hobson

    Thank you! And I’m looking forward to seeing you there! ;-)


  • http://www.demimonde.com M.K. Hobson

    Thank you!!

  • http://www.demimonde.com M.K. Hobson

    Thank you! I can hardly believe it. This really is quite a lot of
    fun. ;-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1619554959 Curt Jarrell

    Already bought a copy, it sounded so interesting. I’ll see if I can round up some readers for you. Good luck with your career as a novelist.

  • http://www.demimonde.com M.K. Hobson

    Thank you, Curt! The more the merrier. ;-)

  • http://serge-lj.livejournal.com/ Serge

    Aw shucks.

    I put in a comment for the book over at “Making Light”. I also bought 2 copies tonight, and I’m planning to give at least one at the local SF club’s meeting in a couple of weeks.

    Congratulations, MK!

  • sandi

    So happy for you! I am one of the Amazon pre-orders, although I was bummed not to get a hardcover. Maybe when it is re-issued in an Anniversary Edition!

  • HayKay

    OMG!!! I AM SO HAPPY 4 U!!!

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations!!! I can’t wait for my copy to arrive!

  • http://www.eamb.org/ Christopher Kastensmidt

    YEAH!!!! Sandals 80% off!!!

    Oh, and congrats on that book launch thing as well. ;)

    HUGE CONGRATS, M.K.! Well-deserved.

  • http://www.demimonde.com M.K. Hobson

    I’m glad someone appreciated what was *really* important about that post. ;-P

    Thanks, Chris!

  • http://www.demimonde.com M.K. Hobson

    Thank you! I hope you like it!!

  • http://www.demimonde.com M.K. Hobson

    Thank you, HayKay! I can’t wait until someday I’m blogging about YOUR first novel!

  • http://www.demimonde.com M.K. Hobson

    Hardcover schmardcover, who needs to pay $25 bucks for a book! My book is like a bag of chips. Cheap, salty, crispy, and leaves you wanting more. ;-)

  • http://www.demimonde.com M.K. Hobson

    Thank you thank you! Note that there will be a signed something-or-other winging it’s way to you in the next day or so …

  • http://www.demimonde.com M.K. Hobson

    Thank you thank you! (Belatedly.)

  • http://www.demimonde.com M.K. Hobson

    Thank you!!

  • Madeleine Robins

    It’s a totally lovely book. I hope it is a huge smash!

  • http://www.demimonde.com M.K. Hobson

    Aw, thank you ;-) I hope you’re recovering well … don’t scare your
    poor puppy too much. ;-)