Well, THAT was a bit of a chore, I must say. I’ve spent the past day-and-a-half migrating this blog from GoDaddy hosting over to my new digs here at BlueHost.com (via their $3.95/month special offer … a nice deal).

It feels so obscenely good to be almost 100% free of GoDaddy’s headache-inducing UI, shameless upselling, relentlessly crappy service and support, and spotty (at best) hosting performance. I say almost free because there are still two domain names which I can’t get them to release … I opted for private registration when I purchased them, and for some reason they were not added to my *existing* DomainsByProxy account, but to some new, strange, random account that no one seems to know anything about. A week of going back and forth trying to get them to merge this mysterious phantom account with my *actual* account has been of no avail. GOD I HATE EVIL GODADDY AND ALL THEIR EVIL LITTLE MINIONS.

Deep breath.

Anyway … most of my domain names are moved (to NameCheap, which seems reasonably OK … a way better UI, at any rate, but IMHO the proof of how good a registrar is comes only when you try to move a name AWAY from them …) And I’m about to call Domains by Proxy AGAIN to see if we can’t get those last couple of outstanding domain issues resolved …

We shall see. Please don’t suck, BlueHost! I’ve had enough of that with GoDaddy to last me my whole life long.

Migrating the blog itself was less horrible than I imagined, but it still had its hair-tearing moments. I had a few plugins act up on me, but some simple deinstall/reinstalls took care of those. I had to do a bit of tweaking on the PHP settings because I kept getting fatal errors saying I didn’t have enough memory allocated for WordPress processes (12 MB by default? Really? Oh … kay.)  And then there was the need for a few targeted SQL database edits (to replace calls to GoDaddy specific file-structures). But now everything is back to normal. Hopefully. Fingers crossed that nothing blows up.

Anyway, that’s been my past 36 hours. Excelsior!

(And now I shall hit post, and we’ll see if my Wordbook and Twitter crossposters still work …)

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11 Responses to Hello from BlueHost

  1. Jamie says:

    Allow me to provide a virtual house-warming gift for your new virtual home: a bottle of Tattinger '06 … (1906, of course – tis a virtual gift, so why not go for broke?)

  2. M.K. Hobson says:

    Ah, it's greatly appreciated. It's only the expensive bubbly that doesn't give me a headache.

  3. Jenn Reese says:

    Wow, you're my hero! I want to leave GoDaddy too, but I have so many domains with them, I'm scared about creating tons of work for myself. I have no idea how to migrate a WordPress database, for example.

    But maybe I'll think about it again, now that I've witnessed your success!

  4. M.K. Hobson says:

    I'm always glad to help if you have questions. It's a very fiddly
    process, but I'm hoping it will be well worth it. Just getting away
    from Godaddy's HORRRRRRRRIBLE support will be worth it.

    I just got an email back from the “master support” people who the
    phone people said would make all my troubles go away. In that email,
    the “master support” people recommended that I do each and every thing
    that I've already done twice (and that I *told* them I'd done twice in
    my email to them.)

    If Kafka ran a call center …

  5. Serge Broom says:

    Hmmm… Comment sectiom didn’t load up on Demi-Monde. Maybe it’s me.

  6. Lon says:

    OH, Bluehost is much better. I made the same switch you did about a year ago. IIRC, the problem I had was that you need to unlock the domain names and disable relocking somehow, then WAIT a day till it propagates, and then buy the domain hosting at another place. Godaddy keeps the money youv'e already paid, but Bluehost (or whoever) will be the actual listing org.

    NOTE that this won't stop the slimeballs at Godaddy from repeatedly sending you emails intended to trip you up, as that end period comes around. I say this as someone who's gotten a good half dozen Godaddy emails in the past month or so, each cleverly misguiding enough that it makes you think and worry about whether your domain name is going to be auctioned off on GDs block when the original time expires…

    Good luck. The people at Bluehost do my DNS registration too, and I've not had any problems with them at all. Very refreshing to not have to deal with slime.

  7. Nadia Lee says:

    I've been with BlueHost for over five years. I've NEVER had a problem with their tech support. It's open 24/7, and it has a call center in America, with American staff answering your questions. I've never had a problem not understanding their English or having issues due to misunderstanding.

    I also like their live chat support quite a bit too. Usually prompt and very easy to use. Again, people who do the chat support are very very knowledgeable and courteous.

    If you don't need an answer within 12 hours, try their email support. Again, it's fantastic.

    I highly recommend BlueHost based on its customer service and price.

  8. M.K. Hobson says:

    Call me old fashioned, but I just want to work with a company that does what it's supposed to do in a timely fashion and fixes things when they go wrong. Wilford Brimley out.

  9. M.K. Hobson says:

    Thanks, Nadia. My fingers are crossed that my experience is as good as yours!

  10. Patrick says:

    I'll transfer my domain name over when my year of 99 Cents with GoDaddy is over.

  11. M.K. Hobson says:

    Just like a drug dealer, they sucker you in with cheap prices. Bastards!

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