… from being the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life. As I said to the redoubtable Serge, this year is just a warmup. Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes that were waiting in my email box this morning! They gave me quite a smile, especially since my daughter hasn’t yet remembered it’s my birthday and has been giving me a raft of her usual pre-school crap. Once she remembers, however, she’ll turn on the high-beams and spoil me rotten. But she’s more likely to do so if she feels guilty for treating me like crap in the first place, so I’m giving her enough rope to hang herself with. Bwa hah hah! I’m not one year older, I’m one year meaner.

Let’s see, birthday plans. A haircut, I think. A dog walk. Some more Web edits. And listening to the new (to me) Quasi albums I bought last night. They are f-ing awesome. Go Portland!

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9 Responses to Today, I am just one year away …

  1. Happy Birthday, you young thing you!

  2. Happy Birthday, Wonderful Woman.

  3. Happy Birthday to the wonderful woman who has given my Haylie the chance to experience and desire MORE of life…

  4. Serge says:

    Happy Birthday again, MK!

  5. Happy Penultimate Question Birthday!

  6. Happy birthday, youngster! I myself am only a few weeks away from being the ultimate answer. Neener neener.

  7. Happy birthday….you’ve got the real thing.

  8. Clever parenting! Nothing is better than letting them do it all by themselves.

  9. Chris Furst says:

    Happy Birthday, MK!

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